Why get a Home Inspection?

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Are home inspections really that important? Uh... is the sky blue (well at least most days😊)? Home inspections are one of the most important part of the real estate transaction for the buyers. A home inspection provides pertinent information about the home your purchasing (or maybe already own and are selling). This is when and how you find out if there are any significant concerns about the biggest financial decision you will likely make in your entire life. So, are home inspections important? Absolutely!!

Today I had the privilege of visiting with Dave Russell, owner of In the Know Inspections in Rogers, AR. Dave is a licensed and certified home inspector and has been a resident of Northwest Arkansas for over 20 years. Home inspections are mostly performed for future buyers. In fact approximately 95% of Dave's clients are buyers. He performs home inspections for buyers that are purchasing re-sale homes as well as new construction. The average cost of a home inspection is approximately $300 and is determined based on the size of the home. Some of the most common repairs that he sees are outside windows needing to be re-caulked, gutter issues (or no gutters at all), and the A/C condensate line not extended far enough from the base of the home. The theme of the repair concerns seemed to center around water and how when water gets into and around the home there can be more serious problems with the home like foundation issues and potential mold in the walls. When we discussed red flags and deal killers I was surprised to hear the main reason a deal falls through is because the buyer and/or seller are not willing to negotiate through the repair concerns. So, some things to be mindful of are repairs on electrical and plumbing as well as any SAFETY HAZARDS. One thing that was absolutely confirmed for me is that anyone buying a new home (or re-sale) should get a home inspection. That way at the very least - even if no repairs are performed prior to closing - as a buyer you know what you're getting yourself in to.

CLICK HERE for full video interview with Dave Russell of In the Know Inspections

If you have more questions about home inspections or need to schedule a home inspection contact Dave Russell at (479)222-1303. And you can find more information about In the Know Inspections at www.intheknowinspections.com.

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